Works by Rudy Torres



Rudy A Torres - Artist I was born in East LA,and lived my early years in South Central LA. I grew up in the turbulent era of the first Los Angeles Riots, Vietnam War, Civil Rights movements and Social Rebellion. By 1970 my family relocated to the Northeast side of LA, to El Sereno CA. Growing up in a dysfunctional family and environment making art was a way to escape my difficult childhood. In High School I decided to take my passion for art to the next level and make a career out of my artwork. With the help of my Mother and Grandmother I started to show my artwork in art galleries in the Los Angeles area. In 1983 I sold a couple of paintings and that helped fuel my love for painting even more. As years went by I started to show in more prestigious galleries that included Harvard University, Chapman University and Occidental College. My work has been in such great demand that I co-owned then Echo Park Gallery that closed down in 1991. My work has been showcased in museums in Los Angeles and the renowned El Portal Restaurant in Pasadena. Many great artists including Rausenburg, Rosenquest, Bacon, Magritte, Dali and Siqueros influenced me. I will continue to experiment with different textures and color combinations and mediums. My Wife is a very supportive and an influencing factor in my life.

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